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Online Authentic Italian Cooking Classes with your Private Chef

You love Italian food. Homemade Italian food. But you’re getting tired of the same old recipes that you have been using for years now.

Or maybe your cooking skills need some work. Or – perhaps you want to discover more authentic Italian meals to serve to your family and friends. Or quite possibly you just want an excuse to get together with friends? Whatever the case may be, we have the perfect solution for you. How would you like to learn how to make authentic Italian fare – virtually – from an actual Italian Chef?

Introducing private online authentic Italian cooking classes by The Italian Elixir of Chef Anthony – as he has come to be known. Picture this. You and your family members or your significant other or your best friends – whoever you chose to share this cooking adventure with – learning how to make a three-course meal in the comfort of your own homes. What a fun and tasty way to spend an evening! Plus, you not only learn a new skill, but you also get the added bonus of sitting down to an amazing meal that you created.

Intrigued? Read on for all the details and frequently asked questions on this amazing online cooking experience that is getting rave reviews from its participants.

Are There Different Class Sizes?

There sure are! Want to spend a virtual night cooking with family and friends? There’s a custom option for an event for up to five households that would be perfect. Want to have a memorable night with your significant other? Opt for the date night option – and if you want to make it a double date no problem – it’s available for up to two couples. There are even individual cooking classes that you can sign up for each week if you would like to expand your knowledge of Italian cooking – and wine pairings - weekly. These are open for up to ten participants and registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

What If I Am Not A Great Cook?

No worries there – Chef Anthony designed these online cooking classes so that cooks - or wanna be cooks - of any skill level can participate. As a world-class chef – and teacher – he will patiently guide you through each step and answer any questions you have along the way. You certainly don’t have to be an expert to attend these virtual cooking classes - but you will feel like one after you see, smell and taste what you have prepared in your own kitchen!

What Will We Be Making?

As for the meal itself, Chef Anthony can design a personalized menu for you, or you can request specific menus. Some of the favorites of past participants are chicken parmigiana with truffle risotto, homemade gnocchi with three-cheese sauce, risotto with radicchio and Italian sausage, homemade tagliatelle pasta with vegetables ragout and parmigiano and carbonara and alfredo pasta with truffle sauce (the real one). Yum! Is your mouth watering yet?

How Does It Work?

It’s really quite simple. You can schedule your cooking class online by submitting the booking form found on - but you do have the option to contact Chef Anthony before you book should you have any questions. Once you choose your date and time and reserve your spot the preparation starts! You have the choice of getting the ingredients shipped to you or getting the list from Chef Anthony and shopping for them yourself. You can even opt to have the Tenuta Torciano Tuscan wines that he selects for the meal delivered right to your door for an additional cost! The classes themselves are held over Zoom and you will receive all the basic instructions and log in information prior to the class to make it as seamless as possible. Hint - choosing to have the ingredients and wine delivered make a seamless event even more so!

What’s Included?

You mean besides a super fun way to spend an evening – or brunch – at home? Well, you’ll receive support from Chef Anthony before, during and after the cooking class. You get the class itself – which currently lasts for about two hours. You will get a copy of the recipe of course – in PDF form so that you can use it again and again. Oh, and you also get a recording of the class for your viewing pleasure for years to come. And this isn’t just a one-sided event – you are encouraged to interact and ask questions as Chef Anthony is teaching. Part of the joy in the evening is the interaction and the ability to experience cultural immersion virtually through food and wine, of course Italian wines.

So, the next time your partner or your kids or your BFF says they are bored with the same old meals, you have the perfect solution - an authentic Italian cooking class with The Italian Elixir by Chef Anthony. It’s guaranteed to be a fun-filled event creating memories and a great meal with your loved ones. Now get to booking so you can start cooking!

PS - Looking for a cool virtual team building activity for your team? Check out this unique option here or head here to book now!

Ciao, a presto!

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