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chalet cesa del louf  dolomites arabba

Luxury Ski Chalet
in the Heart of the Italian Dolomites

Kosher Catered Chalet Cesa Del Louf
Ski Holiday in Arabba - Italy

הבקתה הכשרה
חווית אירוח כשרה בהשגחת רב

The Italian Elixir is excited to announce that Chef Anthony has partnered to kosher cater this chalet with the Supervision and Certification of Rav Umberto Piperno – chief rabbi of Jewish community of Merano and Trentino Alto Adige, well known for his curiosity in food history. He has studied the best applications of the laws of kashrut in the production of fine food.

How does it work? 

The Rabbi will reach the chalet with his supervising team to ensure all procedures and facilities is according to Jewish laws. Rav Umberto will certify the property including cooking and dining tools including cutleries and ceramic dishes. Then a trusted Jewish Mashghiach will remain and work together with Chef Anthony in order to ensure the kosher procedures and laws are followed consistently. Cooking ingredients are all certified and confirmed  by ARI (Assembly of Italian Rabbis). Also, Rav Umberto is leader on certifications of kashruth food productions in Italy. 

Then the rest will remain in the hands of Chef Anthony to delight his guests with the best fine dining experience in the heart of Dolomites - the best ski slopes in the world.

Contact Chef Anthony now and let the magic begin.

* Please note only one party can book the Chalet in exclusive use.

Don’t delay as dates will fill up fast. Contact Chef Anthony today and let him put together the perfect luxury ski chalet holiday for you – one that you are sure to talk about for the rest of your life!



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