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Chef Anthony Preparing a new menu for client in his restaurant consulting

Food Consulting

Restaurants refresh, new openings,  food consulting for authentic Italian recipes, staff training, digital marketing, food photo shooting 

Dream it, Plan it, let's do it together

Drawing on his background in fine dining and hospitality, Chef Anthony offers consulting services to restaurants and other businesses.

New Restaurants

Chef Anthony will visit your restaurant to help you develop an authentic Italian menu. He shares his carefully developed and proven recipes to help you create culinary excellence. Your Consultant Chef will also provide guidance on sourcing the best ingredients and developing a superior wine list. He will train management and staff on best practices in preparing and serving Italian cuisine. In markets saturated with generic Italian restaurants, Chef Anthony’s years of experience will ensure your new venue stands out in the crowd.

Restaurant Refresh
Is your restaurant in need of updating and innovation? Chef Anthony can help you design a new approach by sharing his authentic dishes that draw on Italian cooking techniques and their culinary legacy.

Italian Markets

In these times of shrinking margins, grocery stores are looking for ways to add value and appeal. Chef Anthony works with grocery stores to develop gastronomic supermarket offerings such as specialized Italian ingredients sections, Italian chefs cooking food in store, and prepared Italian meals for shoppers to enjoy at home. The enticing aromas of tomatoes, garlic, wine, and herbs will encourage customers to spend more time in the store and purchase higher price point items.

Food and beverage consulting | Menu Enhancement | New dish presentation methods | Photo shooting for Web & Social Media |  Websites Building for Catering Companies and Restaurants |
Delivery and Reservations | Online payments | Kitchen and staff management 

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