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Parma -The Food Valley

Parma - San Gimignano - Montalcino - Perugia - Deruta - Roma

Venezia- Parma - San Gimignano -Volterra - Montepulciano - Montalcino - Perugia - Deruta - Roma

"Cruising on Land" a Culinary Adventure with Chef Anthony

Exclusive Food and Wines Tours of Italy with your Private Chef

The personalized attention and customization of our Italian Culinary tours have created high demand, so please book early. Review our itinerary for more information, or click below to register. We hope to see you soon—Buon Appetito! 

Venezia - Parma - San Gimignano - Montalcino - Perugia - Deruta - Roma


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Chef Anthony testin Tuscan wine from Torciano Winery

Your Culinary Experience with Chef Anthony

Your Italian Elixir tour is a culinary tour, but it is also a full-bodied Italian experience. Immersion in Italian cuisine means getting to know the land, the people, and the history as well as the food and wine.


Prosciutto di parma view , Chef Anthony

 "Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life". - Anna Akhmatova


Join us for the ultimate Italian culinary tour: Chef Anthony’s guided exploration of the bel paese—Italy, the beautiful country. Italy is renowned for its scenery, history, art, culture, and its food . . . oh, its food. There is no better way to study and enjoy Italian cuisine than in Italy itself, guided by an Italian chef. With Chef Anthony, you will enjoy world-renowned restaurants as well as gustatory pleasures off the beaten path and only known by locals. After an unforgettable Italian Elixir tour, you’ll return home with the memories of all you have tasted, cooked, learned, and experienced of la dolce vita.

Local, English-speaking guides will provide the introduction to the cities we visit. Explore the enchantments of the floating city of Venice; the medieval villages, palace, and cathedral, and piazza of Parma; the ancient town of San Gimignano; and the beauty of Tuscany’s Multepulciano. In addition to touring the cities and villages, we will also visit local makers of Italian delicacies and fine arts. Highlights include traditional balsamic vinegar production, a saffron farm, and a ceramic artist’s studio.

Tasting Tuscan cold cuts and wine

Educate your palate with guided tastings of wine, cheese, ham, and chocolate. Savor the crumbly, nutty richness of Parmigiano Reggiano, the king of cheeses. Notice the plump cherries and violets of a Chianti wine. Delight in the toasted, pleasant bitterness of an excellent dark chocolate from Perugina.

Chef Anthony Serving guests during a food and wine tour

Cooking Classes and Exclusive Dinners

For your comfort and convenience, Italian Elixir Tours by Chef Anthony are open to no more than 10 participants. The personalized attention and customization of our Italian Culinary tours have created high demand, so please book early. Review our itinerary for more information, or click below to register. We hope to see you soon—Buon Appetito!

Booking Your Italian Culinary Tour

11 Days Italian Elixir Culinary Tour by Chef Antony. All-inclusive formula. Private Tour - From 2 to 10 Participants. Other tours Min. 6 Participants Max. 10 Participants. Prices and rates may vary in the event of significant changes in exchange rates or price rises made by other suppliers.

When you book your first gastronomic journey with Chef Anthony, the *200€ photographer service will be included on the booking price as a onetime additional bonus. (*Limited option offer and groups greater of 6).

Customized Private or small group Tour Options

Let your imagination wander over the fields of Tuscany, the ruins of Rome, and the Apennine Mountains of Emilia Romagna-if you can envision it, Chef Anthony will be your guide and escort  you during the whole trip. For travelers with specific requests or interests, Chef Anthony will create a personalized tailor made small group culinary tours as well as a private tour. Have you a special dietary needs? (allergy or intolerance).  Have restrictions such as kosher or halal meals? No worries - Chef Anthony ensures that he will take all of this into consideration and your special dietary needs will be cared for under his strict supervision. Contact Chef for making a Special Dietary Request.


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