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Term and Conditions

On this page are available:

1. The General Conditions of use of the site and the Terms & Conditions of selling of the "private chef service" services (Article 1 - Article 22)

2. Terms & Conditions of selling of the "cooking classes / cooking class" services (art. 23- art. 26)

3. Terms & Conditions for the use of discount coupons on (Article 27- Article 29)


1. General conditions of use of the site and the Terms & Conditions of selling of "private chef service" services by ordering online on the portal


Art. 1 Validity of the General Conditions

Enton Qesari (hereinafter referred to as “The Chef or Chef Anthony”), with the brand The Italian Elixir with registered office in Treviso (TV) in Via Callisto Patriarca n. 2, VAT number: 05054980262, makes available to the public through the website the possibility to book and/or remotely purchase his own private chef service for which he goes to the customer's home to prepare a menu that will have already been agreed in advance with the chef, at the time of booking, and for which raw material purchased by the customer or on behalf of the customer by the chef will be used on the same day the service is provided.


The contract constitutes a distance contract governed by Italian law and, in particular, by Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments (hereinafter "the consumer code") and by Legislative Decree n. 70/2003 and subsequent amendments (containing the regulation of electronic commerce). The language available to users for the conclusion of the contract is Italian or English depending on the language used by the consumer. In the event of a conflict between the Italian version of the Site and / or its contents and that in another language, the Italian version will prevail. For more details on the applicable law and the competent court, see Article 22. The Conditions of Sale govern only the Contracts. The Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services and / or the sale of products by parties other than the Seller who may be present on the Site through links, banners or other hypertext links. Users are therefore required, before purchasing services / products from subjects other than the Chef, to check their conditions of sale or provision of services; the Chef is not responsible for the supply of services / sale of products by third parties and / or, in general, for the conclusion of e-commerce operations between the Users of the Site and third parties. Users who use the services offered by the digital platform declare that they know and accept these general terms and conditions. These conditions of sale govern the contracts through which users of the digital platform purchase the private chef service packages published on the platform itself.

The Chef reserves the right to make changes to the Conditions of Sale. These changes will come into force from the moment of their publication on the Site in the appropriate section "Terms and conditions". Before proceeding with the purchase of services or products through the Site, the Customer is required to carefully read the updated version of the "Terms and conditions of contract" that the Chef makes available to him in the "Terms and Conditions" section of the Site and which can be stored, reproduced, archived and printed, as well as all other information that the Chef provides to Users on the Site, both before and during the purchase process. Users may request any information from the Chef by contacting him by e-mail or by telephone to the contacts indicated in the following point.


Art. 2 Information on ownership

Pursuant to the Consumer Code, the owner of the websites "" "" "" "", the brand The Italian Elixir by Chef Anthony and related services is the individual company Enton Qesari, The Italian Elixir, with registered office in Treviso (TV), ZIP code 31100, Via Callisto n. 2, P.I. 05054980262, certified e-mail address: tel. 3286854638 Email address:

The site and all the content on the web pages (images, photos, videos, logos, graphic layouts, etc.) are the exclusive and confidential property of Enton Qesari, including the trademark under which "The Italian Elixir" operates, and are protected by the laws in force concerning the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights. The material contained on this site cannot therefore be reproduced without the written authorization of Enton Qesari. The Customer can also use direct links to internal pages of this site without specific prior authorization. It is not allowed to make connections through the pharming technique. For any request for clarification, or authorization for the use of the content on the site, you can write to the email address


Art. 3 Registration on the site

In order to book and / or purchase the service through the website, the customer must perform the registration procedure, through which he will receive an email, at the address indicated by him, showing the confirmation of registration for future access to the site. During the registration phase, the customer must indicate his e-mail address and after registration he can fill in a form in which he will enter the following data: name and surname, address and state of residence, zip code, his telephone, e-mail address and all other information necessary to operate through the website.

The e-mail address provided by the customer will be the one used by the Chef for all communications relating to the conclusion and execution of the contract. The customer accepts the validity of these communications for the purpose of settling the contractual relationship, as well as having the burden of frequently checking the aforementioned address during the relationship.

All the operations carried out through the access credentials used by the customer involve the automatic attribution to the same of the operations carried out and the requests made, without exception of any kind.

The customer is solely and exclusively responsible for the use and security of the access credentials also in relation to the activities carried out through their use. The customer is aware that, in order to regulate access to the service, their authentication is solely for the verification of the access credentials used by the same. The customer, therefore, undertakes to immediately notify the Chef of any unauthorized use of the access credentials, as well as any other breach of the security rules of which he becomes aware; The customer also undertakes to log out of his account at the end of each session of use of the site if he uses a public or shared terminal.

The customer is therefore responsible for any harmful consequence or prejudice that may arise, against the Chef, or third parties, as a result of incorrect use, loss, theft and / or compromise of the confidentiality of the access credentials. The Chef cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage resulting from failure to comply with this article.


Art. 4 Description of the Service Offered

The online platform offers the possibility to book and purchase the private chef service online in the dedicated section of the site. The reservation of the service is subject to the availability of the Chef's calendar. The individual services purchased will be provided by chef Anthony (Enton Qesari) at the location indicated by the Customer according to the conditions set out below:

  a) the prices of the private chef service are available in the appropriate section

  b) the price of the home delivery service booked or purchased by the Customer through the digital platform includes the cost of the professional service rendered by the chef at the location indicated by the Customer. The cost of raw materials and any travel is excluded (if the location indicated by the customer is more than 50 km away from the chef's location);

   c) The costs of any travel are as follows:

• Up to 50 km from the headquarters: no added cost;

• From 50 km to 100km away from the headquarters: 80 €;

• Over 100 km: € 160 (for availability of more days, an additional fee of € 80 per day will be required);

• Abroad: travel costs + accommodation and meals.

The Chef, if deemed necessary, can include in the service the supply of dishes and glasses suitable for the menu.

The menus proposed by the chef vary on the basis of specific customer requests. The service offered is totally customized on the needs and requests of the customer.

The personal shopper service can be included in the private chef service for the purchase, on commission of the customer, of raw materials for the creation of the menu. However, the responsibility for the purchase and choice of raw material remains with the Customer, with particular reference to any intolerances or allergies of the Customer. Purchases are made at regular commercial establishments and can be traced through tax documents; the chef will use all his diligence and professionalism to transport the raw material safely, maintaining the cold chain where necessary. The chef will use all diligence to preserve all quality standards.

The purchase price may be changed without notice by the Chef, it being understood that the price charged to the Customer will be the one indicated at the time of ordering or booking. In any case, the Chef guarantees the timely updating of the description of the products and the sales prices published on the platform.

In the event that a package is offered at a discounted price, the platform will still indicate the full reference price against which the discount is calculated. The prices of the individual packages are indicated in the appropriate section: the prices indicated are per service.


Art. 5 How to book and purchase the service

Viewing the services offered on the virtual showcase of the site constitutes an offer to the public made by the Chef using the brand owned by him. Reservations can be made through the website accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Through the site, the customer can view some examples of menus, the description of the service and information on the chef.

To book and purchase the private chef service on the platform, the customer must choose the service of interest. For the provision of the service the following data will be requested: name and surname of the customer, city, address chosen for the performance of the service, street and house number, the customer's telephone number and an indication of any food allergies or intolerances of the people who consume the menu.

The Customer must also indicate the billing details if these do not coincide with the personal data already indicated. The booking of the service involves the payment of a deposit or the entire cost of the same by the customer which can be done directly through the site using the following methods: credit card, PayPal (when the option is present on the site) or bank transfer bank in the name of Enton Qesari IBAN IT62D0301503200000003476723, Fineco Bank, reason "CUSTOMER NAME, private chef service, down payment, order number".

The balance of the service, if a deposit has been paid, must be paid at the end of the same in cash or through the site according to the methods described above. To proceed with the payment and request the reservation of the service, the customer must select one of the virtual buttons "Buy", "Book" and / or other buttons that unequivocally finalize the sale. The booking request and the successful payment of the deposit or the entire service confirm the signing of the contract with the Chef.

The Customer guarantees that the personal information provided during the purchase process (or modification of the related data pursuant to the previous point) is complete, truthful and up-to-date and undertakes to hold the Chef harmless and indemnified from any damage, compensation obligation and / or sanction deriving from actions in any way connected to the violation by the Customer of the rules indicated here for the correct and safe purchase on the digital platform "The Italian Elixir", on the, domain.

Art. 6 Terms of Purchase of the Service

The service packages offered on the portal must be booked, according to the terms indicated in the previous article, at least three working days before the date chosen for the realization of the service.

In cases other than those indicated above, the chef must be contacted directly by email or by telephone.

The purchase of services on the website is allowed to customers over the age of 18 (eighteen).


Art. 7 Payments

The cost of the services that can be booked through the website is expressed in euros and included the taxation required by law.

The methods of payment accepted are the most common credit cards, PayPal (when the option is available on the website) and bank transfer. In any case, the Chef will not memorize or process the payment data of the Customers. The Chef reserves the right to accept other payment methods upon agreement with the Customer. The Chef reserves the right at any time not to accept the payment method indicated by the Customer. In this case, an alternative means of payment will be indicated. The Customer is responsible for the validity and use of the data communicated. The Chef undertakes to keep the payment details communicated by the Customer strictly confidential.

Payments are managed through Sumup and Stripe and are subject to the terms and conditions of use indicated by them at the following links: Sumup - 3eQgX44IeZr2wGJGrdR_fZC7_PJi_en4tiXd9BMSAQUttAmRoCUywQAvD_BwE

Stripe -

In the case of payment by credit card, the payment card issuing institution has the right to re-credit to the consumer the payments of which the latter proves the excess over the agreed price or the execution through the fraudulent use of the own payment card from the supplier or a third party.


Art. 8 Methods of Execution of the Service

The methods and execution of the home chef service are indicated in the dedicated section of the website “The Italian Elixir”.

The chef, if deemed necessary, can include in the service the supply of dishes and glasses suitable for the menu.


Art. 9 Management of allergens

The Customer must inform the Chef about intolerances, allergies or special diets before using the service in order to allow the Chef to manage them correctly.

The Chef will not be responsible in case of problems concerning food allergies or intolerances not reported by the customer when booking the service.


Art. 10 Customer Responsibilities

In the case of the private chef service, the Customer, by signing this contract, makes available to the Chef the spaces necessary for the preparation and consumption of the meal and, to this end, guarantees that his kitchen is equipped with functioning appliances (oven, fridge, stove, etc.), thus exonerating the Chef from any kind of responsibility in case of disservices due to the malfunctioning of the machines in his kitchen.

The Customer must provide all the information necessary to reach the location where the service will be performed, communicating the precise address; if the  venue is located in places that are difficult to reach, a telephone number must be strictly communicated to the Chef or his staff member in order to allow him to reach the venue. The Chef is not responsible for services agreed and not performed due to the negligence of the customer in communicating, as requested, the venue-location of the service; in any such case, the payment of the service  is considered due. Addresses transmitted via the navigation apps on smartphones or a simple pin are not considered valid address communication. A valid address communication is deemed to contain at least this information: Name and Surname on the ring bell, name of the Villa, Chalet or building, street / street / square, etc. . , and number , Zip Code - Postal Code, Town, City, Province, State, Country.

The customer, by signing this information, ensures, for the date chosen for the execution of the service, the supply of water, gas and electricity.

At the end of the service, the Customer will arrange for the disposal of the waste according to the municipal legislation in force.


Art. 11 Warranties and Disclaimer Clauses

The Chef guarantees his professionalism for the preparation of the menu. The customer accepts that the preparation of the menu, the cooking and the composition of the courses is the exclusive responsibility of the chef and the customer cannot object to this activity.

The Chef will not be responsible in case of problems concerning food allergies or intolerances not reported by the customer when booking the service.

The Chef will not be responsible for any problems in the execution of the service, due to the failure to make available the necessary spaces or an adequate and functioning kitchen and failure to provide an adequate cookware service.

The Customer may request the repetition of the service or, at his choice, the reimbursement of the amount paid, only in the event that the Chef in charge does not show up at the address indicated for the preparation of the menu, shows up with serious delay, or in the case in which the same customer can unequivocally demonstrate the chef's gross negligence in the execution of the service or in the preparation of the courses.

The Chef will not be liable for any damages, losses, lost earnings, expenses (direct and indirect) or any other damage that does not depend on his own direct and serious breach in the execution of the contract with the Customer.


Art. 12 Responsibility of the Chef

The Chef will only be liable for damages caused to things and people that are directly attributable to his own responsibility during the execution of the service and, to this end, the Customer expressly indemnifies the Chef from any type of liability for damages deriving from unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure. or caused by third parties, not party to this contract, albeit in constant execution of the service.


Art. 13 Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 59, paragraph 1, letter c) of the "Consumer Code", the Customer, once the purchase contract for one of the packages of "The Italian Elixir" has been concluded, will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for by art. from 52 to 58 of the same Code for distance contracts and contracts negotiated away from business premises, and this because the individual contracts stipulated by the Customer have as their object the supply of goods made to measure or clearly personalized.

However, without prejudice to the above, the Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal and obtain a partial refund of the amount already paid for the service purchased in the following cases:

- for CANCELLATIONS communicated within the 7th day prior to the date of the service, a full refund of the deposit paid may be requested or you can opt for the change of date of the service or for a credit voucher to be used for a new booking or for a possible gift.

- for CANCELLATIONS communicated between the 7th and the 2nd day prior to the date of performance of the service, one of the following two options may be requested:

1. the issuance of a Voucher worth 100% of the total amount already paid, which can be spent no later than 12 months from its issue, as an amount to be used for a new Chef at home service.

2. the payment of a penalty equal to the value of the deposit to which any expenses incurred for the performance of the service must be added (purchase of raw material, usually carried out the day before the service or the day itself).

- for CANCELLATIONS communicated the day before or on the day of the service itself, a penalty equal to the full cost of the budget plus any costs incurred (purchase of raw material, travel costs if any) is envisaged.


Art. 14 Modification of the service already purchased by the customer

Once the customer has purchased the service, he can request any changes to what has been agreed by contacting the Chef directly.

Any additions or cancellations resulting from the modification of the order will be made by bank transfer, credit card, cash within the amounts required by law.

The Chef reserves the right, at his sole discretion and for any reason, not to accept requests for changes to the reservation received that he cannot deliver.


Art. 15 Customer Care and Newsletter

The Chef offers his customers a customer service, through his telephone number (available from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 18:00) or email (, for any information on the services offered and regarding any problems relating to the booking or execution of the service.

Registered users of the site will receive by email information and news on the services labeled "The Italian Elixir", proposed by the Chef. Users can at any time request cancellation from this service by contacting the Chef.


Art. 16 Modification of the conditions of sale

The Chef reserves the right to modify the site and all data contained therein, the policies and these Terms and Conditions of the contract at any time. The Customer will be subject to the policies and Terms and Conditions of the contract from time to time in force when using the site or when booking the services offered.


Art. 17 Completion of the contract

Typing the virtual negotiation button (Buy, Book, etc.) expresses the Customer's consent and, to this end, the contract will be considered perfected and will have its effects from the moment the Customer has pressed the virtual negotiation button (Buy , Book etc.).


Art. 18 Site characteristics and disclaimer

The website is made available to customers through the hosting platform. The Chef makes no warranties, either express or implied, on the operation of this site and / or on the contents, materials, information, products and services included therein. Access to the site may be occasionally suspended or temporarily limited to allow for any maintenance or updating work to be carried out. The Chef will try to limit such suspensions and / or limitations. The Chef cannot guarantee that his site, his servers or the e-mails sent are free of viruses or other components potentially dangerous for the client's PC. By visiting the site, the customer accepts that its use is at his own risk.

The Chef reserves the right to cancel any reservations that he does not consider reliable and reliable, as well as the right to request, at his discretion, the change of the payment method chosen by the customer, without the latter being able to make any claim against him.

The Chef will not be responsible for delays or non-fulfillment of the obligations provided for by these Terms and Conditions of Contract, if the delays or non-fulfillment derive from unforeseeable circumstances or due to force majeure not attributable to it.


Art. 19 Property rights on the site

Enton Qesari, The Italian Elixir, is the owner of all the rights of economic exploitation, of the contents and images published on the website

For the rest, please refer to the conditions of the platform at the following link The use, in whole or in part, by any present or future means, in any form and manner, of the data and content published on the website, without explicit written consent, is prohibited. Any exploitation not expressly authorized is therefore abusive and illegitimate and will be prosecuted in the ways permitted by the relevant laws.


Art. 20 Consent to the processing of personal data

Enton Qesari, The Italian Elixir, will proceed with the processing of the Customer's personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments (so-called Personal Data Protection Code) as described in the Privacy section of the site.

The Customer also consents to the use of his contact details, email address and account, address, telephone number, for sending communications or automatic notifications regarding information on the Chef's commercial activity and his services offered through the site.

In any case, the registration of the Customer's personal data will be preceded by a specific information and, where necessary, by the acquisition of the express consent of the interested party, it being understood that the provision of such data is necessary to allow the execution of the services. offered. The customer acknowledges and agrees that his payment details are disclosed to third-party companies enabled for this activity. The customer can in any case change his profile, giving his consent to the treatment again. He can also contact Enton Qesari at any time for information or request the cancellation of his data by email

At any time, the Customer may exercise his rights towards the data controller, pursuant to the aforementioned legislative decree. In particular, he may ask to know the existence of data processing that may concern him; obtain without delay the communication in intelligible form of the same data and their origin, the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law; updating, rectification or integration of data; the attestation that the aforementioned operations have been brought to the attention of those to whom the data have been communicated, except in the case where such fulfillment proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right; to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning him, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection, as well as to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.


Art. 21 Complaints

Any complaint or dispute relating to the service purchased can be addressed to the e-mail address


Art. 22 Applicable law and competent court

These terms and all disputes relating to the execution, interpretation and validity of this contract are governed by Italian law.

For the solution of disputes arising from the conclusion, execution or interpretation of this distance sales contract, if the Customer is a Consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference forum of his / her municipality of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Court of Treviso.


2. Terms & Conditions of sale of the services of "cooking classes / cooking class" by ordering online on the portal



The wording "cooking classes / cooking class / team building cooking class" identifies all courses, workshops or other educational activities of any kind (carried out in person or in virtual form) marketed by Enton Qesari, The Italian Elixir, on the website www.

To participate in the online courses, the participant must have a laptop or smartphone with audio video streaming capabilities. The cooking courses will be held on the ZOOM® platform. It is recommended to go online half an hour in advance to set up the device and it is recommended to cast the device to a large TV screen via Airplay or Miracast or similar in order to have a better and complete dining experience. A second camera via smartphone is strongly recommended.


For the general conditions of use of the site, please refer to articles. 1,2,3,14,15,16,18,19,20,21 and 22.


Art.23 Registration and Payments

In order to participate in the courses, it is necessary to make a reservation by choosing the dedicated form on the website and by paying the full amount of the course before the date of the course communicated by email.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

Online: with PayPal (when the service is available on the site) or by credit card;

By bank transfer payable to: Enton Qesari IBAN IT62D0301503200000003476723, Fineco Bank, reason "CUSTOMER NAME, Cooking Lessons Service, order number".

The reservation is understood to be made upon successful completion of the entire payment for the course with the participant receiving an email confirming registration.

Booking a course gives the right to receive the service as described on the page relating to the course on the website

Failure to receive payment within the times and methods described above will not allow the use of the course.


Art. 24 Advance

In the event that an advance is required to take advantage of an offer promoted under the The Italian Elixir by Chef Anthony brand, the payment of this advance allows the use of the offer itself.

However, the advance is not comparable to a booking as the amount paid is not equal to that of the full amount of the course. To participate in the course, the Customer must have paid the account before the course is held, otherwise he will not be able to participate in the course.


Art. 25 Cancellation

In case of cancellation of the course, the member can:

1. be reimbursed in the manner in which the payment was made;

2. use the fee paid to enroll in another course of the same type on a new date, to be used in any case within 6 months from the date of payment.


Art. 26 Withdrawal

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 59, paragraph 1, letter n) of the "Consumer Code", once the contract for the purchase of one or more The Italian Elixir cooking courses has been concluded, the member will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles from 52 to 58 of the same Code for distance contracts and contracts negotiated away from business premises, and this because the individual contracts stipulated by the member have as their object the supply of didactic service for amateur courses concerning leisure activities.


3. Terms & Conditions for the use of discount coupons on


For the general conditions of use of the site, please refer to articles. 1,2,3,14,15,16,18,19,20,21 and 22.


Art. 27 General Information

Users in possession of a coupon including a promotional code that guarantees a discount or a gift, can use it to make purchases exclusively online, on the website

The coupon highlights the promotional code, the amount of the discount or the gift, the expiry date of the initiative.


Art. 28 Use

The promotional code must be entered when finalizing the purchase ("checkout"), before payment, and guarantees the immediate discount / gift; before confirming the purchase and proceeding with payment, the customer is responsible for verifying that the promotional code has been successfully processed and the purchase includes the discount / gift. Complaints will not be accepted after confirmation of the purchase.


Art. 29 Limitations

Unless specific communications are made, the promotional code cannot be combined with other promotional codes and can be used only once, unless otherwise indicated on the coupon. The purchase using this code must be made no later than the date specified in the coupon.

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