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Private Dining in Venice with The Italian Elixir

Dinner. The time comes every day when you have to decide. What shall we have for dinner? Do we go out? Cook in? Get something delivered. Decisions, decisions, decisions. You feel like you have tried all the dining options in and around the Venice area. You don’t feel like going out to eat – you but don’t feel like cooking either. And ordering in doesn’t sound very appealing because delivery options are limited.

Then there are the dinners that go beyond those of the ordinary everyday meals. There are the celebrations, the momentous occasions, the hosting of dinner parties or the desire to have a romantic evening. Figuring out what to make or order or where to go for those events is even more challenging.

How about mixing things up? What if – you had your very own private chef in Venice come to your home and cook a mouthwatering, full on authentic Italian dinner? If only…you think.

Well, my friends not only is this a very viable option – but a unique one as well, and one that you will remember fondly for years to come – all thanks to the private dining experience that you can book with The Italian Elixir’s Chef Anthony!


Chef Anthony, founder and owner of The Italian Elixir, is a 25 year veteran in the hospitality industry. His journey started as a young chef – working in and thus acquiring the experience to help launch fine dining establishments. From there he embarked on a career at sea – taking

on the role of the chef in charge of the Italian restaurant, first on the luxury cruise line Silversea and then on the Walt Disney Company’s Disney Cruise Line. After several years at sea, he returned home and started The Italian Elixir from his home base of Treviso near Venice where he offers luxury food and wine experiences throughout Italy and beyond. And as you may have already surmised – one of these experiences is an oh so delicious – and fun – private dining experience with your very own personal chef.

Chef Anthony is in dining room and he is welcoming guest's
Chef Anthony is in dining room and he is welcoming guest's

What exactly does such an experience entail? A scrumptious menu of several courses created from only the finest ingredients to be found. Your private chef will consult with you prior to the scheduled date to find menu items that excite your taste buds. He will offer suggestions, take your feedback into consideration and ultimately come up with a feast that will delight.

And to compliment your meal Chef Anthony will select only the finest wines to pair with the dishes you decide upon. And of course – your Private Chef takes all dietary food allergies, restrictions, and intolerances into careful consideration so be sure and let him know about any of these prior to his arrival. He also works under supervision with a local Rabbi should you request kosher food – ensuring close attention to each detail of the preparation, with the same care given when preparing halal food working with the Italian Halal Certification Center.

Some possible fare? To start there will be cicchetti – which are traditional Venetian small dishes that are served as finger foods, or small snacks that can be passed around. Then perhaps as the first course you may be served Risotto alla Veneziana – a risotto dish prepared with black squid ink. Or maybe Baccala Mantecato made with dry cod fish – Stoccafisso in Venetian – and whipped with extra virgin olive oil – another traditional dish of Venice.

Another option is carpaccio, which is a dish that was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar in Venice, in the 1950’s and is actually raw, thinly sliced pieces of beef or fish served with garnishes. If you prefer crab, Chef Anthony can deep fry soft shell moeche that he will serve

Moeche, venetian soft shell crabs dip fried  served with polenta.
Moeche, venetian soft shell crabs dip fried served with polenta.

with a satisfying side of polenta – but only when they are in season. Speaking of foods being in season – in the spring asparagus and local wild herbs are always a hit, as are mushrooms and truffles in autumn and in winter it’s wild game and radicchio – or more specifically, radicchio of Treviso, made only in Treviso area of Venice!

Radicchio Risotto made with red wine and topped gorgonzola fondue.
Radicchio Risotto

Being based out of Treviso does not mean that you cannot enlist in this fabulous private fine dining experience should you reside outside of the Venice area. In addition to Mestre, Treviso, Padua and Verona your private chef will also travel to other locations throughout Italy by arrangement. And – should you feel the need for some homemade Italian food farther away, you can always arrange a private cooking class, or you can even arrange for him to come to you – whether in the United States, Mexico or other parts of the world.


So - whether you are celebrating a special time in your life, having guests over for an evening of good food, good wine and good conversation, trying to impress your significant other or, as we proposed in the beginning of this blog, just want to break up the monotony of daily life – Chef Anthony’s private dining experiences will not disappoint. Contact your very own private chef, Chef Anthony, today to discuss your options get yours booked today! Buon Appetito!

Happy Guest

PS - Don’t forget – if you love skiing and are looking for an amazing winter vacation, Chef Anthony has Catered a Luxury Chalet in the beautiful village of Arabba, Veneto Dolomites near Cortina d’Ampezzo. Be sure to reach out to him to book your full week of snow, skiing and delectable dining before all the dates are gone!

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