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Luxury Culinary and Music Composer Experience at the Best Italian Ski Chalet 2021 Winner.

A fine dining and music experiences in this Luxury Ski Chalet

Situated in the snow-capped mountains of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a one-of-a-kind event where everything, including the music, is catered to your experience. As you're eating dinner in a luxury chalet, piano music drifts through your ears, enchanting you with never before heard melodies that perfectly accompany your meal.

This luxe music experience is in Cesa del Louf, a luxury ski chalet found in the Italian Alps. This event includes a professional private chef that curates magical meals during your stay for the ultimate affair. Interested in learning more about this activity? Take a step toward this phenomenal event with the below information.

Your Private Chef Cooks Enticing Meals

Chef Anthony will be your private chef during this entire experience at one of the best ski resorts in the Italian mountains. This stunning Italian chalet is located in Arabba in Veneto, nearby Cortina d’Ampezo, South Tyrol, San Martino di Castrozza, and Campolongo Pass.

Every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are prepared for you and your guest for the ultimate luxe dining experience using only the best ingredients. Pairings of fine wines and spirits are selected to accompany each meal.

Along with 1-3 waiters, Chef Anthony and his culinary team will provide top-quality service to ensure each meal is a first-class experience. Chef Anthony has 25 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, translating to idyllic meal creations with mouthwatering dishes.

Any noted dietary restrictions are thoughtfully attended to during this event, with special attention provided to kosher and halal dietary needs.

About the Composer/Pianist

During this special event, Michele Bargigia is the curator of music. Michele is a composer, pianist, and psychologist who combines his experience to create an unforgettable event. Michele plays to his advantage by using his synesthesia, the ability to correlate music with colors, feelings, and figures. This ability, combined with years of study and research on music psychology, allows Michele to turn his experiences into original compositions. This history helps curate singular melodies that perfectly describe each moment as they occur during the dining event.

The purpose of this accompaniment is to encourage relaxation by perfectly capturing those attending the meal. This type of musical entertainment helps break down barriers to create a truly unique experience where filters disappear, allowing guests to enjoy the experience thoroughly. Consider this music therapy a gift from us to you, as you'll leave with satisfied tastebuds and a memorable experience.

Ski Chalets Music and Cuisine Event

This event is available upon request and is ideal for special occasions such as your wife's birthday, an anniversary, or even a date night to remember. You can opt for a one-time experience or arrange for multiple dining experiences during your stay in the Italian chalet. For the main event, an evening of music and cuisine are expertly paired together to help you relax and enjoy each course.

Each course is accented by music created spontaneously; no preparation is done beforehand. Michele takes in the surroundings, including moods, tone, and details about the dinner guests, to curate never before heard music on the spot. Each food served will have its own soundtrack providing an experience that pleases multiple senses instead of just taste. This will strengthen the memory between the food you consume and the experience to create a unique activity that will live on in your memory for a lifetime.

Michele Composor from Padua playing at Cesa del Louf Luxury Chalet in Arabba Dolomites

It’s well-known that music in combination with smell help to stimulate past emotions from long ago, like pleasant childhood memories. For a few moments, you can relive old memories or strong emotions that you've encountered in the past. Mixing these senses creates an emotional tie to each dish and a unique experience that can't be rivaled.

Additional Culinary Experiences

Looking for additional opportunities to experience the culinary delights of Italy? We offer 3, 8, and 11-Night Trips. Enjoy “Cruising on Land” with Chef Anthony on his culinary tours of Italy. These trips will take you through different areas of the country for an incredible adventure that is perfect for any celebration or for those who are passionate about exceptional Italian wines and the art of cooking.

Weave your way through the food valley of Parma, explore Tuscany, Rome, and Reggio Emilia, enjoying traditional meals along the way. Float along the waterways of Venice, stopping for the best authentic Italian cuisine. With Chef Anthony as your guide, you'll be able to experience everything Italy has to offer.

Whether you decide to spend a few days at this luxury chalet or a week, you'll enjoy this music therapy experience as it stirs up memories and emotions that seemed to be in the past. Special occasion or not, this music therapy event will leave you entranced as you consume high-quality food, wine, and spirits that are perfectly coupled together by Chef Anthony.

We can’t wait for you to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event! Grazie!

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