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Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony – Part 1

Reading the title of this blog you may be wondering – what do we mean by “Cruising on Land” – aren’t cruises on the water? Well – if you know Chef Anthony’s background – it makes sense – a lot of sense.

You see Chef Anthony spent a great deal of time as an Italian Head Chef on cruise ships for major cruise lines – first with Silversea Cruises then with the Disney Cruise Line.

Throughout his tenure he served thousands of guests worldwide - delighting them with his signature Italian dishes. As they sailed through some of the most scenic parts of North America’s east and west coasts, Alaska, Canada, Panama and more - as well as all over Europe including Baltic states and Norway – they were treated to this world-class chef’s phenomenal cuisine.

And now he has brought his love of food and wine – and different “ports of call” to his home country of Italy to share with fellow foodies and travel enthusiasts on his newest food tour.

This 11 night / 12 day adventure has everything an Italian food tour should have – right down to a professional chef as your cruise director – aka tour guide! But calling it a tour really doesn’t do it justice because it is so very much more than that. It is a cultural immersion through gastronomy, an introduction to the remarkable lands of this old-world country, a history lesson where you often walk in the very steps where history was made and food and wine experiences like no other. On top of that it’s an exclusive, once in a lifetime journey as you will be treated to private dinners, get access to the places where some of Italy’s most famous food is created, walk through some of the best vineyards and estates the country has to offer and be exposed to Italian art and culture that is far removed from its larger cities.

Suffer from food allergies or intolerances? Have restrictions such as kosher or halal meals? No worries - Chef Anthony ensures that he will take all of this into consideration and your special dietary needs will be cared for under his strict supervision. It is also important to note that every possible safety measure has been taken to protect our tour participants in these unprecedented times. Safety is our number one priority, and we strictly adhere to all rules put into place by our country. In addition, we have carefully selected and vetted only fully compliant facilities and operators for each part of the experience whether it be accommodations, transportation, restaurants or any other place that we visit.

Intrigued? Read on to see what the first four days have in store for you on this remarkable culinary adventure! Oh – and welcome aboard!


Day One (1) – Venice or Venezia

Your remarkable journey sets sail when you land at the Venice Marco Polo Airport or at the Venice Santa Lucia train station – your choice – where you will be met by a fully chauffeured Mercedes van by The New International Limo – which will be your luxurious transportation throughout your entire tour by the way.

Chef Anthony himself – or a company representative will also be there to meet you and escort you to the water taxi that will take you to your accommodations for the evening. Your hotel – located in the heart of Venice - has been handpicked both for its convenient location and spectacular views. Plus, its located near two of the city’s most well-known landmarks - Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge. Once checked in you’ll be treated to a City Water Tour that will not only introduce you to your fellow tour participants – but also to Venice and all of its wonders. Views from the water will not disappoint – far from it – they will enchant and mesmerize you. You see, the water represents the very soul of the city – and you’ll be rowed through its charming inner canals, past impressive ancient bridges and many picturesque palaces – which are a

Beautiful Frontal  view of Rialto Bridge
Famous Rialto Bridge

fabulous introduction to how Venetians live. Along the way you’ll also be treated to tales and little-known facts by your first mate aka tour guide. Afterwards you’ll attend a welcome dinner prepared by Chef Anthony himself at Colombina Restaurant and hosted by owner and sommelier Adriana who will “dish” about the Venetian cuisine – and wines – that you will be savoring.

Day Two (2) – Parma

You’ll start your day with a hearty buffet breakfast conveniently located at your hotel. After you have fueled up for the day, it’s off to Parma! Parma is known for its gastronomy – of course – and also for its music and arts. Your first stop will be the ancient village of Torrechiara which is sure to delight no matter if your interest is in food, nature or culture. However, one of the highlights here is surely the majestic 15th century Torrechiara Castle which is one of the best-preserved fortifications in the region and offers breathtaking views of the valley. Lunch will be at a delightful traditional trattoria that serves the finest ingredients from the area and luscious local wines such as Lambrusco and Malvasia.

Then it’s onto the family-run Prosciutto di Parma factory where you’ll learn all about the super delicious Parma Ham that the area is famous for. From the curing of the meat to its meticulous aging – it’s all explained step by step. And of course, before you leave you will get to taste this oh

so scrumptious and unique flavor for yourself. When your visit is over, there will be some time on your own to explore Parma’s city center – or Piazza – after which you’ll head to another magnificent meal at a local Italian restaurant handpicked by Chef Anthony.

Day Three (3) – Parma

After a delicious complimentary breakfast at your Parma hotel, you’ll embark on an exploration of the food treasures that Parma has to offer. First up – the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory situated in the rolling hills of the region. Here you’ll discover how milk becomes Parmigiano Reggiano and how this particular cheese can be aged for years. And when the cheese master

takes that Parmigiano Reggiano out of its vat and teaches you how to recognize its various aging stages – you’ll realize that you’re going to be the hit at your next dinner party when you spout off your newfound knowledge! Next, it’s out of the city and on to Culatelloshire which is in the northern part of the province where the king of all Parma cold cuts reigns - Culatello. Here you’ll discover natural humidity seeping in from underground in the splendid ageing rooms, making them the coldest areas of the farmhouse at one time and an ideal environment for the curing of Culatello today. Lunch is more local cuisine courtesy of the Osteria del Maiale Restaurant, inside the stunning Antica Corte Pallavicina after which you will get some free time to continue your exploration of this medieval city. Day three ends with a cooking class taught by

Chef Anthony where you will learn to prepare mouthwatering homemade pasta. Your hostess for this event is Antonia who will welcome you into her beautiful villa for the class as well as the dinner of freshly made pasta!

Day Four (4) - Parma

Breakfast at the hotel starts your day on a tasty note once again and then its off for more adventures! First up – the Parma City Tour where you will get a true cultural and historical immersion thanks to this amazing art and food experience. You’ll check out all of the tourist attractions that Parma is famous for including the chaotic and complex Palazzo della Pilotta, the enchanting wooden made theatre Teatro Farnese, the Cathedral, Parma main square and more. You’ll also get to taste the city’s traditional products – Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma ham – paired with a local Lambrusco wine in an elegant café setting that overlooks the Duomo – or the Parma cathedral. Lunch is at a winery and consists of mouthwatering Parmesan cuisine that will be accompanied by the best wines of the area. Now, if you’re a fan of balsamic vinegar you’re going to love the next stop – a visit to a traditional balsamic vinegar factory. Here you’ll learn how the third culinary delight of the region - referred to as “Black Gold” – is made – and of course you’ll get to taste these savory combinations prior to leaving. Afterwards you’ll get more free time in Port Parma to utilize as you wish and then you’ll end your day with a fabulous dinner with Chef Anthony in another amazing local restaurant.


Whew! What do you think so far? Pretty impressive. And we are only on day four – we still have seven more days to preview for you, so stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of this epic epicurean experience. As of now the first tour available is this September (2021) with five more scheduled in 2022 in May, June, July, August and September. And there will also be eight-day tours coming up from Milan to Venice so keep an eye out for those!

Until next time - Buon Appetito!


Can’t wait to book? Want to read about the rest of the journey’s adventures? For the complete overview and everything that is included in this once in a lifetime tour - click here and check out the pricing below.

All-Inclusive Package:

Private: From Two (2) to Six (6) Participants.

Semiprivate: Minimum Six (6) Participants / Maximum Ten (10) Participants.

• Quote price starting from 7,510.00€ in double occupancy.

#RestartItaly Saving - 810.00 €.

• Total discounted price starting at 7,290.00 €.

• For Single occupancy add €1,325.00 per guest.


Prices and rates may vary in the event of significant changes in exchange rates or price rises made by other suppliers.

When you book your first gastronomic journey with Chef Anthony, the 200€ photographer service will be included on the booking price as a onetime additional bonus.



As of this writing the Italian government has announced that travel is open for all EU, UK and Israeli citizens. We believe that travel for U.S. citizens will be fully open as of September 2021. Latest news is that travelers from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom and Unites States of America are allowed to enter for any reason (including tourism).

Helpful information you may find on the ReOpen EU Official Website here.

Starting from May, 24 all passengers wishing to enter Italy, via all means of transportation, will be required to complete the digital PLFn here and the application process here.

Should travel not be possible or if you decide you don’t want to travel at this time, you will have an opportunity to postpone and re-book for any of the 2022 dates that are available below. In addition, you can book these dates for the same discounted rate as the 2021 date.

May 9, 2022 - 8 Nights Culinary Tour Bologna to Rome

June 20, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

July 4, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

August 1, 2022 - 8 Nights Culinary Tour Bologna to Rome

September 5, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

October 17, 2022 - 8 Nights Culinary Tour Bologna to Rome

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