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Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony – Part 3

Welcome to the last installment of our overview of the amazing culinary adventure – An Eleven-Day Culinary Experience with Chef Anthony – curated by none other than The Italian Elixir himself. Today’s blog will pick up where we left off – the beginning of Day Nine – and take you right through to the end of this journey. If you happened to miss the first two installments of Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony, Part One can be found here and Part Two can be found here.

But here’s a quick recap as well, to catch you up:

So far we have toured the enchanting cities of Venice and Parma, had some pretty amazing meals – including two prepared by Chef Anthony, had our first cooking class – homemade pasta! – and got a firsthand look at where – and how – some of Italy’s most famous foods are produced including Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar. And that was just within the first four days!

The next four days took us through Modena – home to Ferrari! – and then on to Tuscany. In Tuscany we visited Chianti Hills, Volterra and San Gimignano which featured plenty of wine tasting – first at Cantina Antinori Estate Vineyards and Cellars then Tenuta Torciano and then two more – one in Montalcino and one in Montepulciano. And there was cheese too! Pecorino cheese to be exact – as well as strolls through two quaint and historic walled towns.

And now my friends it’s time to set sail for Part Three of this 11 night / 12-day adventure which will take us through the last four days of this fantastic journey until we bid you Arrivederci. Buon Viaggio!


Day Nine (9) – Umbria - Perugia

Welcome to Umbria! After a delightfully tasty breakfast at your hotel, it’s time to check out our next port of call – Perugia. Thanks to a guided walking tour you will get to immerse yourself in this very charming – and very historic city that just so happens to be the capital of the Umbria region. You’ll walk along its city wall – which is a remnant from the Etruscan age, be awed by the pink and white marble Fontana Maggiore – the centerpiece of Piazza IV Novembre and be enthralled by the history of the Rocca Paolina – a fortress built not for a king – but a pope – Pope Paul III to be exact. History, culture and art surrounds you at every turn and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Next up is a chocolate lover’s dream as you will visit the famed Perugina Chocolate House – home of the Baci – which means kisses in Italian – and is a delectable blend of dark chocolate with hazelnut and cocoa filling. Here you will learn the process from start to finish – from cocoa beans to rich chocolate confections courtesy of Italy’s most loved chocolate maker.

After satisfying your sweet tooth it’s time for a picturesque lunch – thanks to Chef Anthony’s expertise – and wine tasting – award winning wine! – at the Terre Margaritelli Estate in the beautiful hills of Umbria. Come evening you’ll have time on your own to explore or rest up and then you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner at a local eatery.

Day Ten (10) –Umbria

Before heading out into the tranquil Umbrian countryside you’ll enjoy breakfast at your accommodations and then it’s off to truffle hunt! You’ll join expert local truffle hunters along with their trained truffle hunting dogs – they can sniff them out! – on this once in a lifetime authentic experience that will take you off the beaten path. On this hunt it’s all about finding the black summer truffles also known as the “Black Diamond of Umbria.” Lunch today is in a local, family run house where you will get to taste fare made with the black truffles along with some local

wines to wash it down with. Post lunch it’s on to Italy’s famousness pilgrimage site and UNESCO World Heritage town Assisi, where you will stroll through one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world and make a stop at the Basilica of Saint Francis – the patron saint of the environment and animals – where you can bask in one of the country’s largest collections of church art. One of the most unique aspects of the town? It gives off warm hues thanks to the white and pink limestone it is almost completely constructed of that compliment and contrast with the green color of Mount Subasio. After Assisi it’s time for the final farewell dinner prepared by your very own Private Chef Anthony in a private dining room at the Hotel Posta Donini where you will enjoy another amazing traditional meal of the finest ingredients paired with the most suitable wines

Day Eleven (11) – Deruta and Rome

Breakfast at the hotel starts off your day with a full belly before the trip to Deruta, a small town known for its ceramics which are exported all over the globe. In Deruta you’ll be introduced to an authentic ceramic laboratory where the majolica – or pottery – is handmade by artisans as you watch in wonderment. Afterwards you’ll visit the back of the laboratory and enjoy a refreshing aperitif (a light alcoholic beverage) in the artist’s art gallery. Since an aperitif is designed to get

your digestive juices flowing, you’ll head to lunch afterwards in a traditional restaurant in Deruta.

Once you’re done with your lunch it’s time to start the last leg of your adventure as you head toward the “Eternal City” – Rome – taking in the stunning scenery as you depart the lush landscape of Umbria and enter into the rustic countryside of Lazio. Upon arrival you’ll find your hotel is conveniently located near the airport in Rome and once you check in, you’ll have time on your own to use as you like before dinner at the hotel. Later in the evening you’ll gather with your shipmates – or tour-mates and newfound friends to enjoy one last dinner party at the hotel where you will celebrate, laugh, reminisce and toast the amazing adventure you have shared the past eleven days all while enjoying one of Chef Anthony’s master dishes.

Day Twelve (12) – Rome

Your last breakfast with everyone – sure to be bittersweet – will be at your hotel before you head off to the airport. But you don’t have to return home just yet as the citizens of Italy would love for you to extend your stay in their welcoming country and explore more of its beauty on your own. Should you decide to head back home at this point car service back to the airport – though not included – may be booked upon request.


And with that we come to the end of this oh so incredible journey. We hope you enjoyed this overview and are now ready to join us on one of our upcoming Eleven-Day Culinary Experiences with Chef Anthony. Or, perhaps you are interested in another adventure such as an eight-day culinary tour from Bologna to Rome or Milano to Venice, where Chef Anthony will introduce you to Franciacorta the land of "Metodo Classico" Sparkling Wine, Valpolicella the land of Amarone, Verona , the land of Romeo and Giulietta. Prosciutto di Montagnana, in Padua, Treviso and his Prosecco hills of Valdobbiadene – Venice where you will find the magnificent islands in the lagoon – among other amazing areas. Chef Anthony would love to welcome you aboard for either tour – or for both! Just be mindful, If you have an idea and you would like to visit Chef Anthony can help you build your private unique experience. Just get in touch and he will take care of everything.

Until we meet again - Arrivederci e Grazie!

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September 5, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

October 17, 2022 - 8 Nights Culinary Tour Bologna to Rome

Can’t wait to book? Want to read about the rest of the journey’s adventures? For the complete overview and everything that is included in this once in a lifetime tour - click here and check out the pricing below.

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Prices and rates may vary in the event of significant changes in exchange rates or price rises made by other suppliers.

When you book your first gastronomic journey with Chef Anthony, the 200€ photographer service will be included on the booking price as a onetime additional bonus.



As of this writing the Italian government has announced that travel is open for all EU, UK and Israeli citizens. We believe that travel for U.S. citizens will be fully open as of September 2021. Latest news is that travelers from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom and Unites States of America are allowed to enter for any reason (including tourism). At the moment Covid free flight. from USA are the best options.

Helpful information you may find on the ReOpen EU Official Website here.

Starting from May, 24 all passengers wishing to enter Italy, via all means of transportation, will be required to complete the digital PLFn here and the application process here.

Should travel not be possible or if you decide you don’t want to travel at this time, you will have an opportunity to postpone and re-book for any of the 2022 dates that are available below. In addition, you can book these dates for the same discounted rate as the 2021 date.

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