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Virtual Cooking Classes

The Italian Elixir For your Business

During these challenging times we are all now all very used to remote working. Are you missing colleague interaction and team building? Or building relationships with your clients on a more social level?

If yes, then why not book a virtual cooking class with a professional Italian Chef - zooming live from Italy!

Go virtual with Chef Anthony’s online cooking classes!

  • Have dinner and a glass of wine with your senior teams

  • Enjoy time with your clients

  • Build sales networks anywhere in the world

Cook a traditional Italian pasta or nice mushroom risotto, paired with wine - with all ingredients delivered directly  to each of your participants homes.

Your professional chef will guide you step by step to ensure the very best experience for all.

Regain feeling of getting together and sharing warm vibes and a joyful environment - with great memories made a new way!

Let’s get cooking.

Virtual Cooking Classes are available in  North America, UK, Europe, Australia or other countries.

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Chef Anthony The Italian Elixir
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Seafood  Table ready to prepare, the Italian Elixir

Your lesson was a great illustration of how to be a great coach and teacher. I will talk to our team how clear your instructions were and how clear instructions let people work with confidence. 

Jeffrey W Kibbey, Vice President,  Mortgage, Corporate Compliance  and Enterprise Privacy Program.

Zillow Group, Seattle WA



Looking for a Private Cooking Class with family and friends ? 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Our Clients

Our Clients

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