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Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony – Part 2

Today we are picking up right where we left off with Part One of Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony. If you happened to miss our first blog entry outlining The Italian Elixir’s newest food tour – An Eleven-Day Culinary Experience with Chef Anthony – you can check it out here.

But here’s a quick recap for you as well…

So far, we have toured the enchanting cities of Venice and Parma, had some pretty amazing meals - including two prepared by Chef Anthony, had our first cooking class - homemade pasta! – and got a firsthand look at where – and how – some of Italy’s most famous foods are produced including Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar. And that was just within the first four days!

Up next we highlight days five through eight – so pull up a seat on deck, relax and get ready to set sail for Part Two of this 11 night / 12-day adventure – figuratively of course!


Day Five (5) – Modena and Tuscany

Day Five starts with one final, delicious breakfast at the hotel before you bid a fond farewell to the beauty that is Parma – which we are sure has your bellies full thanks to all the amazing cuisine and wine you enjoyed the past three days. After breakfast you will be on the move to the medieval city of Modena – which is your next port of call and is located in the heart of northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna region.

Upon arrival you will be introduced to this fascinating mix of tradition and innovation – luxury Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is based here! – on the Modena City Tour. Modena – known for its architectural treasures, cultural offerings – it’s home to a UNESCO World Heritage site – and of course its cuisine, is certainly one stop that should be on everyone’s Italian itinerary! After the tour you will enjoy a magnificent lunch at Osteria Franceschetta 58. Name sound familiar? That’s because it has become known worldwide as the “little sister” of the uber-exclusive Osteria Francescana – voted World’s Best Restaurant 2016 through 2018 – making this a wonderful alternative taste of Chef Massimo Bottura’s magic.

After lunch you will continue on your adventure, where the Apennine Mountains will greet you as you head to Tuscany – arriving in the evening and just in time for a relaxing dinner at your hotel.

Day Six (6) – Tuscany - Chianti Hills and Volterra

Today is a full day in Tuscany, so first up is a convenient breakfast at the cozy hotel restaurant before you embark on your day long adventure. After you have fueled up on this fabulous food it’s time to head to Chianti Hills. All of you wine lovers are in for an extra special treat as you realize you are visiting state-of-the-art Cantina Antinori Estate Vineyards and Cellars wine estate – which features an architecturally innovative ageing wine cellar.

Here you’ll be guided through the winemaking and fermentation areas for an up close and personal look at just how it’s made. And of course, you will get to sample the fruits of this famous vintner – pardon the pun – with a wine tasting session timed to get your palate primed right before you sit down to lunch. Lunch will be served in the estate’s rooftop restaurant – Rinuccio 1180 – where you will take in the breathtaking views of the vineyards with the Tuscan Hills as the backdrop.

After lunch it’s on to Volterra – a walled mountain top town southwest of Florence. And those walls? They are the fortification walls that were erected centuries ago by the Etruscan confederation at the end of the 4th century BC to protect the town from foreign attacks – but still stand to this day. You are sure to find this unique town and its history both impressive and charming.

At the end of the day, you will be tendered – i.e.driven back to your hotel to enjoy the local, authentic fare at the hotel’s restaurant for your evening meal.

Day Seven (7) – Tuscany - San Gimignano

Today you will rise and shine to an early breakfast in the quaint restaurant at your hotel. Be sure to fuel up again as we a have another busy day on hand! The day’s experiences start with a visit to an organic pecorino farm and cheese factory near San Gimignano.

If you were ever curious about the life of a farmer in an Italian town here is your chance to witness it live and in living color. You’ll be guided through their daily routine on the dairy farm, be schooled on traditional hard and salty Pecorino cheese and end your visit with some cheese tasting – complimented by a glass of vino of course!

Next up is an exploration of medieval and picturesque San Gimignano – also a walled city – and known as the “Town of Fine Towers.” Here you will take a leisurely stroll through its squares with its iconic towers looming all around. San Gimignano has come to be known as the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” thanks to those numerous towers overshadowing the rooftops and visible from afar.

Also while in San Gimignano you will head to Tenuta Torciano for a once in a lifetime immersion into wine culture. Tenuta Torciano is currently owned and operated by the 13th generation of its founders – who started the business back in 1720. It’s stunning gardens and impressive architecture have been maintained to create a unique and welcoming environment and includes a barrel room, wine cellar and several tasting rooms both inside and outside in the gardens.

Ancient rural traditions, rows of vines nestled in the hills to walk through and a private dinner consisting of local delicacies prepared by your very own private chef make this a memory that will last a lifetime. Perhaps the best part? Estate Torciano produces 13 different prestigious etiquettes of otherwise typical Tuscan wines that are there for you exclusively – as a private customer – and are not available in restaurants or stores. Now that’s a luxury wine experience if ever there was one!

Day Eight (8) - Tuscany and Umbria

Today is your last hurrah in Tuscany but don’t worry – you’ll get to see more of it before you move on – after one last bountiful breakfast at your hotel. This day is pretty much all about the wine as you start out with visits to two different wineries in Tuscany’s hill towns – one in Montalcino and the other in Montepulciano. And not just any two wineries – two of the most famous wineries in Montalcino and Montepulciano!

While there, you will hear all about the history of Tuscan wines throughout the centuries and as well as partake in both the fabulous wines and delicious cuisine courtesy of lunch in Cantina. After your meal you will take a journey back in time compliments of Montepulciano’s majestic medieval village, historic architecture and ancient piazzas brimming with culture.

And just like that your time in Tuscany has come to an end and it’s time to set sail for Umbria.

Umbria – referred to as “the Green Heart of Italy” – is sure to delight as you’ll see a whole new side of Italy – one filled with brilliant green hills and valleys, picture perfect medieval hill towns and a plethora of unique cuisine and wines. Once you arrive in Umbria it’s time for dinner and some down time. Dinner will include a variety of dishes, along with a generous selection of exceptional Italian wines and is served in a relaxing yet refined atmosphere where you will be bathed in warm colors and soft lighting – making it a simply perfect way to end the day.


Wow. Just wow. Can you picture the beauty? Can you smell the cuisine? Can you taste the wines? Just imagine how amazing it’s going to be in person! And once again – this is just four more days of a 12-day experience – we still have four more days to cover! So be sure and meet me back here as we feature them and finish up the Eleven-Day Culinary Experience with Chef Anthony in Part Three of Cruising On Land: A Gastronomy Adventure With Chef Anthony.

Until next time - Buon Appetito!

Can’t wait to book? Want to read about the rest of the journey’s adventures? For the complete overview and everything that is included in this once in a lifetime tour - click here and check out the pricing below.

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June 20, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

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September 5, 2022 - 11 Nights Culinary Tour Venice to Rome

October 17, 2022 - 8 Nights Culinary Tour Bologna to Rome

All-Inclusive Package:

Private: From Two (2) to Six (6) Participants.

Semiprivate: Minimum Six (6) Participants / Maximum Ten (10) Participants.

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Prices and rates may vary in the event of significant changes in exchange rates or price rises made by other suppliers.

When you book your first gastronomic journey with Chef Anthony, the 200€ photographer service will be included on the booking price as a onetime additional bonus.



As of this writing the Italian government has announced that travel is open for all EU, UK and Israeli citizens. We believe that travel for U.S. citizens will be fully open as of September 2021. Latest news is that travelers from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom and Unites States of America are allowed to enter for any reason (including tourism). At the moment Covid free flight. from USA are the best options.

Helpful information you may find on the ReOpen EU Official Website here.

Starting from May, 24 all passengers wishing to enter Italy, via all means of transportation, will be required to complete the digital PLFn here and the application process here.

Should travel not be possible or if you decide you don’t want to travel at this time, you will have an opportunity to postpone and re-book for any of the 2022 dates that are available below. In addition, you can book these dates for the same discounted rate as the 2021 date.


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