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Rome Day - 14

Sep 1, 2023

Departure to Rome.

Reaching the Piana dei Castelli Biodynamic winery in Velletri,

lunch at "Ristorante la Gardenia" near Lago Albano.

Afternoon in Rome and free time
Dinner on the terrace of the hotel
Accomodation hotel Valadier.

1 September - Umbria / Lazio:

Departure for Rome at 8 in the morning. During the journey, you will visit the Piana dei Castelli

winery in Velletri, where you will taste particolar biodynamic and organic wines. You will then

have lunch in a small restaurant in the Lake Albano area. In th afternoon, you will have free time

to explore the city of Rome. In the evening, you will dine on the terrace at the Valadier hotel.

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