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Valpolicella - Day 5

Aug 23, 2023

Guided tour with tasting 5 types of wine and Extra Virgin Olive OIl made by Zymè

Lunch in a typical restaurant in Verona along the river

Verona walking tour
dinner in typical "Trattoria panoramico"

Accomodation Villa Quar-anta

August 23 - Valpolicella:

Your day in Valpolicella begins with a guided tour and tasting at the Zyme Winery, where you will taste 5 kindes of their wines and EVO oil made by Zyme..

You will then leave for Verona, the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet, where you will have lunch in a restaurant along the river with a breathtaking view. In the afternoon, you will have a guided walking tour to explore the city.

For the dinner the proposal is a typical trattoria in the countryside near to your hotel. Overnight stay at the Villa Quaranta.

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